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The perks of painting with Traveling Art Parties!

#Travelingartparties was started with the intent of bringing people together to try something new, and possibly challenge themselves as a new or even seasoned #artist. We are not your traditional #paint & sip, and as seasoned artists ourselves we understand that sometimes being creative can be frustrating, or difficult. We ensure that all our guests feel comfortable in what they are painting, and put in the time & effort to help them do so. We never want our guests to feel rushed or that they feel like their not getting proper instruction. We want you to go home with a piece you are proud of. I think the best part about teaching is seeing so many different outcomes of the same painting. Always different, but equally beautiful pieces are created during a class. Guests can get #creative, tweak colors, add what Bob Ross would say, ( "a happy little tree or cloud"). We understand that patrons have different taste so we cater to that. Maybe you have a group who would even like our open studio option. Another perk with #TAP, open studio allows parties to pick up to three to four different pieces, and have our artists help walk you through it.

Another perk is we our an insured business to travel, so if your venue, and or business requires proof of #insurability we can provide it. This is a fun, exciting business, but we also take care in your safety. During your event, we take extra care at your #home or #venue, we provide everything (except tables, and chairs) that includes all supplies need to complete you piece of art, aprons, easels, #paints, plates, #brushes, and napkins. We take care of everything from set up to cleanup. We have #games going in between during painting breaks that can really have a room cracking up! I like to say we are professionally laid back, and love our jobs.

To wrap things up, Traveling Art Parties can provide #art for all themes, and taste. Having a #babyshower, #graduationparties, #bacheloretteparties, #birthdays, #mothersday, #christmasparties, #teambuildingevents, #officeparties, #paintyourpet, #halloween and so much more we can cater to anyone! We cant thank our guests enough for the ongoing support, and looking forward to meeting some new ones in the near future! If you would like more information planning your own paint party please call or text Autum Proctor at 603-560-5003, or feel free to messge us via Facebook, instagram, or even through our website!

Here are a handfull of previous parties weve hosted!

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